Kijo, Tamaki

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Kijo, Tamaki

Post by LouxSealvein on Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:31 pm

Name: Kijo, Tamaki

Nickname: Tama

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Species: Cat ninja

Personality: Silent, sly, quick thinking, shy, nice, and prodigy

Bio: An experimental project called, N.C.A.T  Where humans tried to make an elite warrior, but it back fired and the N.C.A.T. wanted freedom and to run away from war. Tamaki was one of them, he manage to run away with his best friend.

- Purple
- Uplifting songs
- Helping
- Back hand springs
- Flips
- playing with his ears
- Making friends
- Winning
-  Hide and Go Seek
- Hunting

- Dogs
- Fighting
- Fatty foods
- Rats
-Bitter sweet candy
- War
- the N.C.A.T Project
- Flying
- reckless strategy
- people tugging on his tail

- Being captured
- Experiments
- Being dragged into a war
- Spiders
- Rats
- Poisonous fish
- The loss of a friend
- Death
- Pain
- Fire

Description or Picture:


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