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Name:Raven Nevermore





Personality:He is an insane, unpredictable, bipolar, psychopath with a tendency towards violence and blatant destruction. He would hug you just as he would stab you. Any conversation is completely lost on him, every word going in one ear and out the other, unless he feels like remembering. He doesn't understand the concept of pain, seeing it as just another aspect of life, and simply ignoring it, feeling no pity for those who can't handle it. He refuses to kill, but that only applies to humans; anything else is fair game. He talks to himself at times, right before he does something others would deem insane.

He takes joy in causing fear and spreading chaos, laughing gleefully in doing so. He will gladly help a human for help, if asked. Despite everything, he loves being useful. He will do almost anything to be of use to someone. He also loves building things, able to make just about anything he puts his unstable mind to.

If threatened by a human, he will fire the gooey cheese from his cannon in their face; because he thinks its funny. In fact, e sees anything a human does, aside from murder, rape, and theft as funny, gladly laughing at them, or with them. Any thing another race does however, is seen as an insult to his person and the lord, and will do his best to strike them down, with a wicked smile, showing that he is happy to do so. He cannot kill a child however. He will never kill a child, or do anything that would get one killed.

He often goes looking for trouble, trying to have as much fun as he can, shooting at everything with his cannon. It is hard to get him to work with others, only really working for someone if they beat him in a fight. Even then, he will only work for them as long as they can keep beating him. If another race beats him, he will not attack that person again until he deems himself strong enough to kill them. He would work for the one who beat him and spared his life if they wanted. He would say he owes them for letting him keep his gift from God. He gives of a constant feeling of blood lust and madness, hoping to scare someone into a fight. He loves destruction and pain, even if it's his own. He take joy in killing his enemies, thriving in the blood soaked ground which he walks.

Bio:The sun slowly dip down over the horizon from a bridge. The sunset is beautiful, the sky is a vibrant orange, the clouds are a cotton-candy pink, and just looking at it gives you a sense of peace. This is what a young girl, maybe 17 years old, sees standing on the metal guard rail of the bridge, holding on to one of the support beams. The girl takes a deep breath, and is about to jump, when a voice stops her. "Why would you do this with so much still to live for?" She stops herself from falling from surprise and lack of balance. She turns to her left, only to see a tall man standing next to her on the rail.

The man was just standing there, just looking towards the nearly set sun, the remaining light casting a shadow over his face. She finally gets over her shock at the mans sudden arrival. "My life is awful, I can't stand it! Don't try and stop me!" She says to the man standing next to her. She turns her head back towards the sun, just about gone now. "I won't, but how about a story before you go to meet our lord early?" He asks her an a soothing tone of voice.

The girl thought it over once in her head. She figured she might as well. "...Fine, I'll listen to your story." She responds to the strangely dressed person next to her. He was about 3 feet away, so she figured he couldn't grab her from there. With the sun all the way set, she was able to notice the details of his state of dress better. While she was dressed in normal clothes, a long sleeved green shirt with jeans and sneakers, this man was just bizarre. He was wearing all black other then his hat. 'Is that a straight jacket? If it is, then it's wrong color. Weren't they meant to be white? His pants are fairly normal, but who wears boots all the time? And his hair is longer than mine!' She thought to her self, thinking his hair was died.

She still couldn't see his face due to the lighting, street lights on the bridge having turned on after the sun set. "Then how about we sit down, 'cause my story is fairly long. He says, slowly lowering himself to sit atop the rail. The girl was hesitant to do so, but seeing no moves to grab her, she complied. "Now, where to start this tale? He says, more to himself then the girl, tilting his head towards the now night sky. With this motion, the girl was finally able to see under the shadow the hat created. She wasn't able to see much however, as his hair covered every part of his face aside from his smiling mouth. 'Why is he smiling like that in a situation like this? And what happened to his teeth?' She pondered to herself once again.

She was about to ask when he spoke once again. "Oh course, silly me, when you start a story, you must start from the beginning!" He proclaimed, his smile twitching slightly, still looking at the sky. "My story begins around 19 years ago. A baby had just been born, to a family that was very wealthy. The family was fairly famous, so news of the baby was spread all around. Things weren't all well and good however." He he paused, leaving a slight feeling of suspense for the girl. Then he started once more.

"You see, the baby was born with a rare, unexpected, condition called Albinism. This condition is where the a person's skin is bleach white and their eyes are red or reddish-pink. The parents, were shocked at the turn of events, not used to a surprise such as this, were instead angry. They had a reputation to uphold, why would they want a child like this?" He stated, wiping an invisable tear from his now hidden face, having tilted his head towards the place where the sun last set.

The girl wanted to say something, but held her tongue. If she were telling her story, she wouldn't want anyone interrupting her. And as suddenly as it stopped, it started once more "This was what was going through both of their minds at the time. This wasn't an option for the famous couple however. The were well aware of what would happen to their fame if they put him up for adoption or if something... unfortunate were to befall the young albino. So they smiled and waved for the cameras, acting like a happy family in public. Behind closed doors however... was an entirely different matter." He paused for a breath of air.

The girl was getting drawn into the story with each passing moment. He started once more. "The boy was neglected most of his life, neither parent caring to look after him, or giving him more than a glance from time to time. Still, the boy was happy with that oddly enough. It's weird, trust me I know, but that is how he got most of his happiness from his childhood. He thought, 'if they notice me, then they must care about me'. He was an attention craved child, but never acted out. Loving mom, and dear old dad, got real mad if he ever misbehaved." He paused to rub his arm with his right hand, as if remembering something painful.

Oh how she wanted to ask what happened, but she couldn't find the words to speak. "This is how he lived his first seven years of life. Around halfway into the seventh year, something changed. Late one the night, a group of men broke into his home. The boy heard the men downstairs, and so did his parents. The dad hand brought his gun just in-case. The men were prepared however. The not-so-happy family were at the top of the stairwell when it happened. With the boy a few feet back, the men fired at the parents. The dad gripped his chest in pain. The mom screamed bloody murder, 'cause she got sprayed by splatter." He paused once more. She was beginning to think he was stopping at the most suspenseful parts on purpose.

She couldn't ask because you know why. "Sadly, this part of the story has been cut out." Now she asks. "Why is that?" She finally asks. "Trust me, some things are better left unspoken. But lets just say that he barely survived that moment of his life." He says with a tone of finality. The girl was once again unable to respond. What horrible things could have happened to someone at a young age. He, thankfully, continued his tale. "The story doesn't end their I'm afraid. The boy didn't bleed to death luckily, or unluckily as some would say. After hearing a few gunshots, someone called the police. They arrived about half a hour later. They found the boy in the bathroom, having tried to stop the bleeding with a few towels. They managed to save his life, but he was quite scarred. The bullet wound and the beating, he would eventually heal from. The night however... That would take more then time to heal it.

"The boy's problems didn't end there though. Not only did he have the mental scarring to deal with, but he also had no one to care for the young albino. The rest of his family didn't want him, not only because of his conditions, but also that he reminded them of what happened. So he was left with nothing, the rest of the 'family' already taking everything worth taking, but now he was forced to live in an orphanage. The house he lived in was sold because he couldn't pay for it. The boy grew angry at the world to try and keep the sorrow at bay. He stayed angry at the world for the next four years of his life. Even as he got adopted." He stopped once again.

'Okay, now I KNOW he is cutting off on purpose.' The girl thought, so pulled into to his story, almost forgetting as to why she was even out here. "Now you may be wondering, 'who would adopt an angry eleven year old boy'? His name was Alexander Tomas, dedicated follower of our lord. He saw the angry boy one day and followed him, trying to see if he could figure out why he was like that. He had only seen the boy's eyes for a brief moment, but in that moment he could see a sea of wrath. So he followed him all the way back to the orphanage where the boy lived at. Creepy I know, but his heart was in the right place."

"After talking to the caretaker of the children about the boy, Alexander wanted nothing more at that moment then to help the boy. So he adopted the albino within the week. It took another three years of heavy counseling to help with the boy's anger, but eventually he felt happy. The boy finally had a father who cared for him, and he was able to get past his anger. Alexander had been teaching him about the lord, and the boy now teen, had taken up a hobby in building things, and trying to learn Japanese. He was even able to sell the things he made to others for some extra money. Things were finally looking up for the teen." He stated with an undertone of dread.

"....The young albino's life seemed to be misfortune's favorite game however, as his life went through yet another hurtle. He revived a call one day in his eighteenth year from a hospital. His adoptive father was mugged by left at deaths door. He ran as fast as he could, barely remembering to bring his hat. He arrived a hour later. He made it just in time for his father's last words. He told him how much the teen meant to him and thanked him. He gave his son the cross he always wore around his neck as his life faded away, and closed his eyes for the last time." The man said, looking towards the night sky with tears streaming down his face.

The girl also had tears running down her face. When she saw his face though, it was still in that gigantic smile he had before he started his tale. "This was the teen's breaking point. He had already seen the lives of his three most important people fade from him. His mind couldn't take it. His mind, in order to handle the stress, created barriers in his mind. He yelled. Then he started doing something the others in the room weren't expecting. He started to laugh. A crazed, lopsided smile came to his face along with the laughing. He brought his hands together and prayed for his fallen father, tears flowing freely down his face the entire time. After the prayer ended, he left the hospital, crackling loudly."

"When he got home, he started doing what he did best. He started making things. He made new clothing. A white hat, to represent a halo. A straight jacket, dyed black, to represent his life; dark, twisted, and insane. Black pants, the same kind as Alexander wore. And boots to show that he could continue through life, no matter what the road was paved with. He also wore a pair of goggles that he had bought, and the cross he had been given. He didn't stop their though. He purchased quite a few different weapons. He didn't want to end up repeating what happened to his family, and even made one himself. And now that teen turned man is trying to talk a girl out of jumping off of a bridge."

The girl was surprised at how much the man next to her had said. He had went quiet, letting her think it over. Was it really worth it? No. If he could live on, so could she. "I guess it isn't worth it. Thank you for talking me out of it." She said, as she got off the rail and back onto the bridge. "I talked you out of it? I just wanted to tell someone my story before I left. This place has nothing but bad memories  for me.
He said as he too got back onto the bridge.

"I just have one question before you go." She says. "Why did you never say the boy's name?" The man sighed. "When the teen snapped, he forgot nearly all of his past, only remembering his past every so often. Even still, he has much forgotten. He lost his name. But he thought of a new one. He goes by Nevermore now. I hope your life gets better, as not to be driven to the edge again. Farewell." He says as he walks away. The next day, he takes a plane to Nevada, hoping never to return to the state in which he was born.

"I wonder, are there going to be any strong opponents wherever I'm headed? Oh well, I guess only time will tell." He ponders to himself as he drives his stolen plane to London. He always wanted to land on a bridge. Or was that through a bridge?  He is suddenly brought out of his thoughts by people outside the plane. "Hey, what are you doing!?" He yells up, barely heard over the sound of plane, void of people. All except for one crafty weapon. "How rude. Can't he see that I'm TRYING to DRIVE?! The NERVE of some people." He says to the empty air, as he takes off.]

Likes:1. Cheese. He. Loves. Cheese. He loves cheese so much, that he always has some with him. A large amount. Almost any food gets cheese. He even made a drink out of cheese.

2. Root beer. The greatest drink ever. Words don't describe how he feels about this drink. He sadly cannot carry root beer around, but he always has it with any meal. Any establishment that does not sell root beer is in for a big surprise.

3. His canon. He always has is in plain sight. People often gawk at the size of it and how well he uses it. Yes his cannon always gets stared at. The authority's often stop him for having it out for all to see. In response to them, he pulls it off his back with one arm, and fires at their faces.

4. Laughing. He loves to laugh. It makes him happy when he laughs, no matter how sad he was before.

5. Meat. The taste is unreal to him. He just loves every, savage bite he takes, quickly devouring his meal like a wild animal. He likes meat regardless of how its cooked, if at all. He would just a quickly eat a raw slab of meat as he would eat a chard lump of flesh, even if its still burning. Any meat is good meat to him.

6. His things. He sees as anything he has as something he has worked hard for, and treats them with the utmost care. He makes sure that they are fixed if damaged, and makes the ones that damaged them hurt.

7. His body. He has been told that his body is sickly, frail, ugly and all sorts of things like that. He has always told them the same thing. 'Why do I care about your opinion? It's my body, and I'm happy with it.' He loves having a body, and hardly cares what it looks like. As long as its his body, he is happy with it, because it was the first thing he was given.

8. The number 7, and any number with a 7 in it. He sees it as lucky, and it reminds him of 777.

9. Singing. Even with all his insanity, he is still a wonderful singer. He sings to sad children mostly. He does it to try and cheer them up.

10. Women. He is willing to do just about anything to help a women in need. Other then ones from other races. But yeah, be it helping them with bags, to making them happy.

11. Children. And not in that way you sicko. He sees children as potential for good in the future. He will keep any child safe, and even if they are from another race, he will protect them. He would not attack the parents of the child when they came to find them.

12. Cakes and other baked goods. Any baked sweets is good cake to him. Within reason of course. You may think it strange that he likes baked goods but hates candy.

13. Giving people unsatisfying answers, or not giving them one at all. It's too much fun to see them get all annoyed by it.

14. Annoying people. He just likes seeing people annoyed, not sure why.

15. The number 8. It is 1 higher then 7 and is like 2 of the number 4.

16. Driving. Remember how he didn't like driving cause it was boring 'cause of the rules? Well he likes driving when he can ignore those rules. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

17. Building things. He loves making different things. He made everything he currently wears. He likes making weapons the most.

18. He enjoys giving nicknames. Other people call this 'butchering of names' for some reason. He has no idea why though.

19. Getting gifts. One of the few ways to instantly get on his good side. If you give him a gift, he will either see you as a friend or owe you. Both of these are good and bad in their own right. He might even not kill someone if they gave him a gift, or consider another race a temporary ally.

20. Freaking out at random people. He loves doing this to other characters. Here is how meeting a character would go. "Susan? SUSAN! Oh Susan, is that you? How did you survive the crash? I thought everyone else died! If I had known you had survived I would have gone back for you! I mean... I crashed that thing right in the side of a mountain trying to kill you. And now I find you. Not even missin' a LIMB! I mean, how could I have messed up? Everyone else died! Why are you alive!? You should feel ashamed of your self. You ruined the gift!" That would be what a first meeting would be like, give or take a plane and a story full of crap.

Dislikes:1.His past. It haunts him like nightmare that won't end, no matter how hard he wills it to leave. He can manage to forget it for awhile though.

2.The sun. It's too bright and burns his skin far too easily. Also it always makes him sweat.

3. Candy. The tiny sugary garbage. How someone can stand something that sweet is beyond him. He dislikes the tiny treats so much, that he will often shoot candy stores that he passes by, laughing all the while.

4. Happy family's. He dislikes them purely out of envy. His happy family was ruined, and hates to be reminded of the pain. The pain affects him at a subconscious level, so he can feel the pain, but not know why when he forgets.

5. Quiet. He can't stand it when there isn't any noise. He whistles when there isn't any noise, just to make some. Or he sings a lovely song, or a not-so-lovely song. Any of the three work fine for him, so long as there is noise.

6. Small animals. Rodents, birds and such. Having the nerve to try and take his food when is back is turned, the thieving filth deserve to be at the bottom of the food chain. If only, just get eaten by the larger predators.

7. Anything that tries to steal from him. Someone trying to take away something that he's earned? Not on your life! He refuses to let someone take his things without his permission. He is however willing to let someone borrow something of his for a set amount of time.

8. When someone takes God's name in vain. If he hears someone do so, he will tell them not to, and to watch their tongue. If he hears them say it again, he will attack them, but not kill. More like beat to submission.

9. The number 6, and any other number with a 6 in it. It reminds him of that number. If you can't guess what number, then shame on you.

10. Being bored. Come on, who likes being bored? He NEEDS to be doing something, he doesn't really care what, just so long as something is happening.

11. Rapists. Does that really need a reason? There will be no mercy to these people, and he will maim them beyond recognition, even willing to work with others to beat one.

12. Perverts/peeping toms. He understand how someone could take advantage of woman like that, ignoring what makes them 'them'! Personality is better then skin! These people end a bleeding bruise on the floor if he spots them.

13. Driving. He gets bored with all the rules that the road has. He tends to try and make driving.... enjoyable when he does it. Driving includes anything with a steering wheel.

14. Thieves and robbers. Lets just say that he has a bad history with them.

15. Smug and prideful people. These people annoy him to no end. Their attitude and the looks on their faces, looking down on others! He will not stand it! He will teach anyone a 'lesson' if they have an attitude like this.

16. Tsundere. They annoy him somethin' fierce. Only insulting others and beating on the one that they like just drives him up a wall. On a side note, anyone that CAN put up with one, instantly gets his respect, because they must have the patience of a saint if they can.

17. Human rules. "Humans think that they can give me rules? I WANNA SEE THEM TRY TO MAKE ME FOLLOW 'EM!"

18. Santa. ...What? He may be a saint, but be breaks into houses, AND HE STOLE CHRISTMAS! That is reason enough.

19. Being manipulated. He hates this. Hates it so much, being tricked into doing something he may or may not have wanted to do. It makes him feel bad.

Fears:1. He fears his past. The one bad day that ruined his whole life. Try as he might, he can never completely for get it. He thinks that, if he remembers all of his past, he will become so depressed that he might try to end it all.

2. Being alone. He is terrified of being alone. As long as he has someone or is able to get to someone quickly, he won't be afraid. Even animals or any of the other races would help alleviate his fear.

3. Of being caught in the sun. When he goes outside, he has to completely cover himself up, as not to catch sunburn. His fear is that, if he is forced to experience the rays of the sun on his bare skin, it would cook him alive, yet not killing him. It's quite painful, as you can imagine, and even though he enjoys pain, he wouldn't enjoy that much, for that long.

4. Sheep. ....I know.... He hates their eyes and how fluffy they are. The eyes are just.... Goats are also something he fears. "Sheep. SHEEP! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. NO, GET IT AWAY! THOSE EYES ARE EVIL!"


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