Havik The Innocent

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Havik The Innocent

Post by Havik on Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:00 am

Name: Havik

Nickname: None

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Oni

Personality: Havik is a quiet and wise individual.He is rather shy and blushes easily.He is kind to all and loves life.He also defends those that he cares about.When someone he cares deeply about is hurt,his entire personality changes.He becomes sadistic,sinister,and hateful.He would injure and possibly torment the attack until he/she dies or someone snaps him out of it.

Bio: Havik is a oni,the japanese orgre/troll.The average oni is cunning,rude,and evil.Havik,however,is the exact opposite.At a young age,his family threw him out due to his kind nature.He was adopted by humans and cared for deeply.He soon left them,however,feeling he was ready to see the world for himself.

- Kindness
- All genders
- Reading
- Writing
- Drawing
- Playing
- Swimming
- Cuddling
- Being Loved

- Rudeness
- Cruelty
- Being alone
- Hate
- Sadness
- Rape
- Greediness
- Evil

- Dark
- Being abused
- Being killed
- Losing a friend
- Spiders
- Being hated

Description or Picture:


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