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Post by Gaffey on Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:36 am

Name: Ratón Corazón

Nickname: Mouse Heart

Age: looks 15 actually 100 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Mouse/Human

Personality:Raton is a mysterious, mischievous, kind witch when he wants to be he has major anger issues and tends to bite alot (which is worse than it sounds) he is very hyper active. He loves to play around with vampires and werewolves stealing items then returning them when they least expect it to appear. Other than that he is a great friend to have around and a even greater companion though he will still bite you on occasions.

Bio: Unknown

- Biteing
- Stealing
- Laughing
- Technology (Intrests him alot)
- Climbing
- Running
- Mouses
- Rats
- Bugs
- Cheese

- Mouse Traps
- Being Captured
- Being Caught
- Being Laughed At
- Having His Ears Tugged On
- Having His Tail Pulled
- Being Hurt
- Death
- Starving
- Water

- Drowning
- Starving
- Being Caught in a mouse trap
- Dieing

Description or Picture:

 Corazón, Ratón Mouse10


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