Clearwater, Renee

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Clearwater, Renee

Post by PurpleKitty on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:44 am

Name: Renee Clearwater

Age/gender: 71/Female

Appearance: 5' 4" Thin but curvy. Long curly red hair. Pale skin with freckles.

Personality: Renee fully embraces her role as a vampire. She does not care who she feeds off of, and considers all humans either food or just playthings for her entertainment. She is not cruel or hateful, she just believes that vampire are evolved beyond humans. She remains civil most of the time and enjoys teasing people and making them think she is meaner than she really is.

Gift: Renee can kill with a single touch. Her touch can work instantly on a human, and it doesn't matter what part of her body they are touching. On a vampire it can take longer depending on how strong they are, no one can survive touching her for more than a minute or two (when she is using her gift on them) but even if they are strong and it does not kill them right away, it causes severe pain on the spot she is touching.

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