Pom, Veata

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Pom, Veata

Post by PurpleKitty on Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:40 am

Name: Veata Pom

Age/gender: unknown/female

Appearance: 5' 1" , crimson red hair, bright glowing red eyes, ivory skin. She is thin and has a girlish figure. She wears a small white silk dress that shows her figure and nothing more. Her fingertips and toes are always stained red.

Domain: Madness and blood

History: Veata was once the goddess of healing and flora, but she was slain a long time ago by an insane god. He was in love with her, but when she rejected him he stabbed her to death in a jealous rage. He experimented on her body for a long time, trying to bring her back as his slave. He finally succeeded in reviving her but she came back in a deep madness and attacked him with her nails, clawing him to death. His blood stained her hands and feet and would never come off again.

Personality: Her personality varies greatly. One moment she may be kind and motherly, then in an instant she can become cruel and violent. She often laughs maniacally at seemingly nothing, and talks to herself or inanimate objects. She carries a small twig around in her hair at all times, she calls him Virtusle and insists that he is her best friend.

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