DeLuca, Marcus

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DeLuca, Marcus

Post by PurpleKitty on Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:16 am

Name: Marus DeLuca

Age: 259 (born 1757)

Appearance: About 6' 2" 190 lbs. Thin but muscular. Black hair and pale skin. Pale blue eyes and handsome ruggedly facial features.

Personality: Marcus is a kind and gentle man. He has a strong empathy for weaker people (human or vampire) he has a difficult time feeding on humans so he usually targets evil ones like murderers or other violent people. He does have a temper but it is usually only drawn out due to an injustice against someone that can not defend his or her self. He is particularly partial to children and will even fight older/stronger vampires if they try to feed on a child.

History: Marcus was born in America shortly before the Revolutionary war. He enlisted in the militia when he was 18 and fought for a year, earning the respect and admiration of his fellow soldiers with his bravery. During a particularly violent battle, Marcus was was stabbed in the chest by an enemies bayonet. He was taken to a nearby medical facility but there was not much they could do to save him. As he lay there in the night, slowly dyeing, a beautiful woman approached him and offered to help him survive. He had no fear of dyeing but in his delusional state (due to blood loss) he begged her to save him. He awoke hours later in a small shed miles from the military camp. He had no idea how to react to the changes in his body, the woman had changed him then left him to fend for himself...

Gift: Marcus can control the way others feel about him. He can cause them to feel great desire for him, or to be horribly repulsed by him. When he was young he could not control this but as he got older his power increased greatly. Now if he chooses he can make himself so desirable that crowds will literally go mad trying to get to him, or so repulsive that people will flee in terror at the site of him. This ability is still effective on vampires, but due to their stronger minds they have an easier time controlling their reaction to it, although they still feel the desire/repulsion. He can ONLY control the way people feel about HIM, not about anything or anyone else.

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