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Post by Gaffey on Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:48 pm

Name: Vida Amor

Nickname: None

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Personality: Vida is a kind loving sweet heart she's the type of girl that loves everyone. she hates getting others mad and never wants others to get mad at her, she is always honest and never tells a lie she is a really brave and loyal girl too always taking bullets in the heart for her friends. She is always happy and never down she loves bouncing and being cheerful all the time.

Bio: Unknown

- Bugs
- Animales
- Friends
- Nice People
- The Sun
- The Moon
- Night Time
- Day Time
- The Flute
- Music

- Slavery
- Being Trapped
- Being Alone
- Meat
- Pain
- Suffering
- Wrath
- Fear
- Greed

- The Seven Deadly Sins
- Demons
- Being Trapped
- Death

Description or Picture:
Amor, Vida 278323

-Vida Weilds The Flute Of Power

Vida's Powers:
White Magic

Healer Skill: this skill allows her to heal anyone except her she can make flesh grow back into place and bone snap back together she can even reattach limbs

Flute's Powers:

Hypnotizing Mode: Hypno mode isn't used to hypnotize others but it simple hypnotizes animals sort of like animal taming without the effort, if a werewolf is in transformed state she can hypnotize them with some effort and the werewolf can still fight back even if they are hypnotized so she prefers normal animals and this goes for any creature that has a beast like form.

Sleep Mode: Sleep mode is very useful in battle it can bring even dragons to sleep tho it uses alot of her energy and makes her weak it has it's effects and hardly ever fails, she can also bring werewolves and vampires to sleep but that is like when she tries putting a dragon to sleep it takes tons of effort.

Dream Walker Mode: In this mode the user enters the dreams of a sleeping body they can travel around to either haunt their dreams or help them with a troubling nightmare

Speed Mode: This mode allows the user to run faster than the speed of sound they can beat the speed of a cheeta and travel across water with little effort there stamina increases too so they can run long distances in sort amounts of time.

Swarm Mode: This mode allows the user to call in swarms of insects such as wasp, hornets, spiders, locust.

Flight Mode: As the name says it allows the user to fly.


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