Huette, Angelette

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Huette, Angelette

Post by PurpleKitty on Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:40 pm

Angelette (Angel) Huette
Age: 15
Height/weight: 4' 9"/98lbs
Hair/eyes: Long auburn hair/hazel eyes

Personality: Quiet, fearful, and submissive. Angel has always been a bit of a coward. She will almost always back down from a conflict. She is the type that is constantly jumping at her own shadow.

History: Angel was raised on a small and beautiful vineyard in southern France. Her parents were loving and attentive but also very fussy over Angel's submissive nature. They constantly insisted that she toughen up, stand up to bullies, and stop trying so hard to please everyone. The more they pushed her, the more reserved she became. When the virus struck, her =parents were among the first to go. Angel survived by hiding, her fearful personality is what kept her alive long enough for the six vampires to find her and bring her back to their home.

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