Clefferson, Garnet.

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Clefferson, Garnet. Empty Clefferson, Garnet.

Post by Arcyguana on Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:46 pm

Name: Clefferson, Garnet.

Nickname: Gar

Age: 18

Gender: Male.

Species: Vampire.

Personality: A chilled out person who shows barely any emotions in public. Even after his action, he is gentle and fairly easily amused.

Bio: Garnet has always been an outcast as no one wanted to be near someone like him and ended up lonely.

- Company
- Singing
- Being accepted
- Cola

- People poking fun at him
- Being ridiculed.
- Making people upset (does it anyway.)

- Heights.

Description or Picture: He is a well dressed tall strong man with brown hair and purple eyes. He wears various different clothing.


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